For construction of community Sanitary Complexes (CSC), an amount of Rs.2.00 lakh has been fixed as funding per unit which i9s supposed to be shared  between the central government, the state government, the state government and the community at 60:30:10 ratio. The Panchayat, however, can make the community contribution out of its own resources, from grants of the Finance Commission, from any other fund permitted by the State Government.



It has been decided by the Government of West Bengal that Community Sanitary Complexes at places of public congregation like bust stand, market places etc. Will be built with an estimated cost of Rs.3.50 lakh out of which Rs.1.20 lakh as central share and Rs.0.60 lakh as state share will be met out of Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin). Balance amount will be sourced through different Government Schemes like BADP/ MSDP/ ISGPP/ World Bank support, support from the corporate partners as part of their CSR etc. PHED resources (NRDWP fund) will also be used for augmentation/ arrangements of water supply facilities. All such CSCs must have adequate toilet seats, separately for men and women, arrangements for the physically challenged like western commode, guard rails, hand support etc, bathing cubicles, washing platforms, wash basins, incinerator for disposal of sanitary napkins/ cloths etc. It is also proposed to experiment with different alternative sustainable technology options for the CSCs. However, CSCs shall be built only when the Panchayats ensure a mechanism for maintenance of the facilities. Pay and Use is one of the most common options for such maintenance. Using the walls for advertisement, tie up with some corporate sponsor, non-government actors might be other options to explore. A set of type designs for the CSCs shall be shared by the state with the districts, which may be taken into consideration at the time of finalizing the designs. However, the districts will have complete flexibility in choosing the design and doing necessary customization based on the local situation including availability of materials. Another type of Community Sanitary Complex is common facility for the households where enough space is not available for construction of IHLL. In such cases, however, the cost shall be restricted to Rs.2.00 lakh per unit with fund sharing between the centre, the state and community/ user group at a ratio of 60:30:10. In this case too appropriate arrangements for maintenance of the facilities should be ensured before construction of the facilities.


Depending upon the capacity of the Panchayats and the assessment of the district, fund for construction of CSC may be provided to the Block or the Gram Panchayat.