As per the new of guidelines, an amount of Rs. 12000.00 will be the funding for contraction of one unit of IHHL. This amount is to be shared at the rate of 60.40 between the centre and the state. However, the additional Rs. 2000.00 is supposed to be utilized for making provision for water storage in the toilet unit. The state governments have been given flexibility in utilization of the incentive amount. This may be given in the form of individual incentive, community incentive or any combination of individual and community incentives. All the BPL households, who have not received any incentive earlier from NBA or TSC programme, are eligible to get incentives for toilet construction under Mission Bangla, Selected APL families are also eligible for incentives if they belong to one of the following categories-


  1. SC,ST families.
  2. Small and marginal farmer families.
  3. Landless labour.
  4. The families having physically handicapped member.
  5. Woman headed families.


The primary target group for providing incentives will include the BPL household and certain specific categories of APL families (restricted APL).


Also IAY beneficiaries, beneficiaries of land Reforms, especially beneficiaries receiving land under ‘ NijoGrihaNijoBhumi’ programme, recipients of ‘Kanyashree’ etc. Will receive priority. Other APL families (except those referred to above) are to construct toilets on their own.


In West Bengal, we will go for a combination of individual incentives and community incentives where Rs. 10000.00 per IHHL unit will be used for funding individual toilet and addition amount of Rs. 2000.00 will be committed to the community as community incentives to be utilized mainly for arranging augmentation of water supply or in any other intervention at the water and sanitation sector. However, the practice of receiving Rs. 900.00 as household contribution as a mark of commitment of the household will also continue. This may be in the form of cash or even in the  form of labour or other materials. In case labour or material contribution is accepted, the monetary equivalent of the same must not be less than Rs. 900.00 and in such cases, it will replace individual contribution. Additional contribution from the individual households for still better models will also be encouraged.