Success Stories

Sl. No. Title / Description
District Name Link
1 Nirmal Bagnan Howrah Nirmal Bagnan
2 Dignity Ownership & Pride of Woman Nadia Dignity Ownership & Pride of Woman
3 Great achievement of the Sona Gosthi in Nadia district #MissionNirmalBangla Nadia Sona Gosthi Nadia
4 Father Arul Rozario creates an instance by converting Allesi village of Sagardighi block in Murshidabad district open defecation free MissionNirmalBangla Murshidabad Father Rozario Murshidabad
5 Kodla Bijaykrishna Adarsha Bidyamandir of Murshidabad district is model school maitaining all the activities of MissionNirmalBangla in a dedicated manner Murshidabad Kodla Bijaykrishna Adarsha Bidyamandir
6 Great initiative by the Balaram gosthi of Khoyrasol GP in Birbhum district by providing land to the villagers for the construction of toilets and aking the GP ODF #MissionNirmalBangla Birbhum Khoyrasol GP